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We hope to compile a huge searchable database of all fireworks shows in the United States.   We hope to make it easier for anyone to find a fireworks show near them anytime they want to go see them.

You can add your Fireworks Event, along with details of any accompanying festival at our add your event page.

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The idea for this website began last summer, when my kids and I decided that our goal for the summer months was to attend as many fireworks shows as possible.  We live in the Chicago suburbs & figured there had to be fireworks somewhere every weekend night.  Our only problem was finding out where they were.  We used newspapers, posters, google, word of mouth, but still only saw a couple of shows a month.
This summer, we hope to find them all!  And, we hope to help people find your fireworks show, too!
Have a great summer!
Maureen Navadomskis